Donate new and pre-loved items to support multiple charities

Mummies Paying it Forward is a Sydney-based charity organisation aimed at providing the essentials to those most in need.  We collect donations of new and pre-loved items such as clothing, toys and toiletries and distribute them directly to our charities.

With over 25 drop-off points across Sydney, we've made it super easy for you to help many charities at once.

We also welcome donations to help us fund our storage facilities at Storage King.

meet our Volunteers 

Penni, drop-off point

Volunteer Penni

With Mummies Paying It Forward being solely run by volunteers, we continuously see how the contributions of individuals can lead to the betterment and advancement of those less fortunate within our society.

Penni, is one of our drop off locations and accepts donations at her home. 

Penni's story

Volunteer with us 


Undies and socks for kids

Some families in our community can't provide the bare necessities like socks or even underwear due to the significant hardships they are facing.

And underwear is an item that can't be donated within our country unless it's brand new and so many charities struggle to provide them at times, as they simply don't have any.

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Fatma sorting

Humanity is about seeing beyond ourselves, our desires and needs. It's that place within our soul that wants to help others and is instinctively there when you see someone in trouble.

Developing and promoting the greater humanity in ourselves and our children is a lesson that can only be taught through experience...

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